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 JMS's sprite gallery

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PostSubject: JMS's sprite gallery   JMS's sprite gallery Icon_minitimeFri Jan 04, 2013 10:08 am

Well, I could swear I had a gallery of my own, in this forum... but memory's not my strong point, and since I can't find it...

A relatively pretty 16x16 Pokéball sprite. I dont' remember why I made this, but I think I wanted to use it for something. Oh, well, I might as well share it:
JMS's sprite gallery Pokeballl

An ugly Pikachu based upon a TCG design:
JMS's sprite gallery Pik1achu

An ugly Ditto, an original design:
JMS's sprite gallery Dittoi

An ugly, yet somehow charming Slowpoke based upon a TCG design:
JMS's sprite gallery Slowpokek

An ugly fusion, a grass-type Typlosion.
JMS's sprite gallery Roovil

Disguises! I like these a bit, especially Qwillfish:
JMS's sprite gallery VolffingJMS's sprite gallery Qwilvanha

Beach-themed sprites! These are, by far, my favourite sprites. I love Machoke's, I wouldn't change anything about it:
JMS's sprite gallery 16942204JMS's sprite gallery 73347540
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JMS's sprite gallery
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