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 DW's Sprite Gallery

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PostSubject: DW's Sprite Gallery   Fri Jan 04, 2013 9:40 am

This is my strange house of, uh, "miracles". idk, that's what I called my sprite topic somewhere else.


A revamp of Scyther, I think it's from Yellow. I quite liked the original.

Very recent, a revamp of Flareon. The right has an effect added to the fur to closer mimic the BW sprite, but the right lacks that antialias-ish effect.

A Vaporeon revamp that inspired me to revamp the original Eeveelutions, as I like them all.

A Jolteon revamp, but I think I failed at the outline shading, as it doesn't quite seem to fit. If anyone can make it look a bit better, I'll reupload with credit.

Trainer Sprites

An OC of mine, Jazmine. I preferred this skin colour to the other, so this is generally her final sprite. She's a popular OC, a girl born into a gangster lifestyle. She is very close to Cheren due to the fact they do a lot of investigating together. Jazmine's only known Pokémon is a Crobat.

The original version of Jazmine. I just wasn't satisfied with how the original turned out, because the skin tone just didn't seem to work with the colour scheme.

Jezebel, a Steel-type Gym Leader. She has a sleeve and a glove over her left arm because she has a prosthetic arm after losing her arm in an accident, and is ashamed of her prosthetic arm. (That was made up because I couldn't scratch her sleeve properly, but I like my little excuse there.) Jezebel would be a later Gym Leader with a very strong team, as she is a tough woman.

Here's some random makeover of a Rocket Grunt, it looks as if I've tried to turn her into an Ace Trainer. That's just the way it turned out, haha.

On the theme of that, I turned a Lass into an Ace Trainer. I kinda failed.

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PostSubject: Re: DW's Sprite Gallery   Fri Jan 04, 2013 9:51 am

Nice sprites! I love your revamps, but unfortunately I haven't sprited for a really long time so I can't see what kind of feedback I could give you. Although I have seen that Scyther sprite revamped several times... well, it's a revamp, to it's likely to happen. Razz

Your trainers are nice, too. Are the first two original?
Ace Trainer Lass is good, but the worst of the group.
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DW's Sprite Gallery
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