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 In the eye of a Distopia.

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PostSubject: In the eye of a Distopia.   Tue Jan 24, 2012 6:10 pm

Plot: When all life seemed simple, Team Rocket went back to the shadows, as for Team Magma, Aqua & Plasma, they've all been disbanded. Well, that was until the 'team' came back... At first, it started small, but the crimes got bigger and bigger & now they managed to get past their differences and have joined with each other... 'Team Distopia' they call themselves.... Not even the Elite 4 let alone the Police can do anything about it, and we need your help... If you decide

Anything with a '*' is required.
Also, please PM me the form.

Character Skeleton-



(Trainer, Breeder, Coordinator, Ranger, Distopian, Anthro)*

Bio:(A short little story about your character, at least 3 sentences long)*





1 Legendary per person & no duplicates.

(If any)*


Name: Kilian Hartwig
Age: 17
Looks: Kilian is a little above the average height for most teenage boys of his age. He has straight white hair that partially obscures his sharp crimson red eyes. His bottom lip is adorned with two silver colored snake bites that seem to switch to a bronze color when introduced to any type of liquid. He has slightly toned olive colored skin, that has a couple of abrasion marks from constant adventuring. Along his neck, he wears a silver necklace that is adorned with a pendant that is in the shape of a Durant. He wears a red short sleeved shirt with several black and white lines that run vertically along his chest leading down to his waist. Although this is some times covered by a grey sweater that is usually half zipped; to allow some of his shirt to be visible. He wears a pair of faded blue jeans with tears along the jeans and bottom, and a black leather belt to keep his pants from sagging. He also wears a pair of black knee high socks and a pair of Black leather shoes with red laces that are also made of leather. Kilian also carries around with him a black one-strap backpack that is rectangular in shape.
Role: Trainer

Bio: When Kilian was born, he was diagnosed with three different cancers. Doctors said that the probability of him even being able to make it through surgery was highly improbable, but his parents didn't believe it at the time. Some how though, he managed to survive the surgery but still with much of the cancer left in his body. He continued to go through several surgeries and many treatments until he was at the age of six. But, since he was not allowed to interact with the outside world what so ever before he had finally overcome his diseases, he became home schooled and eventually winded up developing a shyness towards just about everything and everyone. But, since he was sick, he had a lot of time to himself and found reading and problem solving to be his best friends at the time. Eventually he enrolled into elementary school late, but exceeded at top of the class. Due to his good grades, his parents promised to take him on a hiking trip in also small celebration to be able to take Kilian outside now without any worries of him getting immensely sick. But, it was on that day, that his parents were oblivious to the fact that there was a thunder storm approaching, and a nasty one at that. While trying to find some shelter from the monsoon, Kilian got separated from his parents and eventually wandered into, of all things, Bouffalant territory. Due to the vast downpour of rain, visibility was greatly impaired to where you wouldn't even be able to see your hand an inch away from your face. But everything was fine until the rain eased out a bit, and Kilian's vision became normal, only to see a field of Bouffalant, and they were anything but happy. He had heard that Bouffalant were extremely territorial, and was scared out of his wits. What was even worse was that several Bouffalant noticed him and began to charge. Kilian knew it was fight or flight, and since he could do neither, he ran as fat as he could. Eventually he escaped the Bouffalant territory only to run up to a river and spot what seemed to be several Drilbur attacking a silver colored bug Pokemon. It was a Durant, and an abnormally small one at that. Feeling emotional for the first time, Kilian attempted to stop the Drilbur by scolding them, but with no avail. He was soon attacked by those same Drilbur as they felt that he was being intrusive, and started attacking him by scratching, pushing, slashing and headbutting. That was, until more Durant from the other Durant's colony appeared and quickly decimated the Drilbur. Not to protect Kilian, but to protect that other Durant. But, the small Durant noticed that Kilian tried to help and deterred the other members from attacking Kilian. Trying to wash off whatever run off of small cuts and bruises, he went for the stream, but was quickly joined by the miniscule Durant. It turned out that the Durant appreciated Kilian's efforts in trying to help the it. So, to help Kilian the two went on a look for his parents. With the help of the Durant, Kilian eventually managed to find civilization and with familiar surroundings found his house with both him and Durant intact. And was quickly taken into the arm of his parents, while wondering if to keep the Durant as a guest. But, during the adventure Kilian had grown sick, and had to be rushed to the hospital. It turned out that on of the cancers had come back, and he would probably have to go through surgery. Though the Durant was small, it understood what was going on, and wanted to come with Kilian and his parents to the hospital. It turns out, that the two developed a strong bong while out looking for Kilian when they were on their 'misadventure'. When surgery came up with a slight positive, it turned out to be lung cancer and they had almost removed it completely but, Kilian would require a lot of bed rest. Acting upon loyalty, the Durant stayed with Kilian while his parents left to do important thing like going to work. Eventually within the next day, he awoke refreshed and to his contentment woke up to a small Durant sleeping by his side. That experience alone made their bond grow exponentially. When he turned the age of thirteen, Kilian decided that it would now be tie to his the road within his Durant, who had grown exponentially in and was already slightly bigger then that of the average adult Durant.

Hometown: Driftveil City, Unova Region

Personality: Kilian doesn't have a problem working with others, but prefers working alone since that's where he can show his true his full potential. But, although he works pretty well in groups, he only travels with a few Pokemon, and literally has no friends. Although, he has no problem with meeting new people, and considers himself to be extremely trustworthy. Kilian is extremely intelligent when it comes to reading his opponents and pin pointing their weaknesses and blind spots. When in battle he loves to show off how captivating his Pokemon are by using moves in a way, in which some would only see in a Pokemon Contest. He tends to follow orders unless he sees them as unjust and just plain wrong. Even though Kilian is shy, he enjoys company. But, has tendencies of being emotionless at times, which he tries to improve from time to time. (With no avail.) He tends not to get himself tied up in the affairs of others unless he is personally asked to do something.


Pokemon: Durant
Nickname: Aeon
Gender: Male
Iron Head
Thunder Fang
Hone Claws
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In the eye of a Distopia.
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