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PostSubject: Ig-pay Atin-lay   Ig-pay Atin-lay Icon_minitimeTue Feb 08, 2011 4:53 pm

Have any of you ever heard of Pig Latin?
It's actually really fun to learn. ^^

So, it's not actually a real language, but if you can say it fast, it sure sounds like one!
All you have to do to speak it is take a regular 'ol word, like dog.


Now, you take off all the letters until the first vowel in the word. So, in this case, the D.


Simple, eh? Now, take that D and put it at the end of the word with "ay".


Like that. That is how you take a word and translate it into Pig Latin. Now, let's say you have a word that starts with a vowel, like apple.


These are a little bit different. Whenever you have a word that starts with a vowel, you just add "hay" to the back.


Ow-nay, ave-hay ny-ay of-hay ou-yay ever-hay eard-hay of-hay Ig-hay Atin-lay? If-hay o-say, ell-tay of-hay ome-hay of-hay our-yay experiences-hay ith-way it-hay and-hay hat-way ou-yay used-hay it-hay or-fay, or-hay here-way ou-yay earned-lay it-hay.

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