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 Admin's Artz

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PostSubject: Admin's Artz   Admin's Artz Icon_minitimeSun Jan 23, 2011 11:06 am

So yeah, I make some arts, and decided to open upa shop sorta thing here. Feel free to request anything you see, but please only request one thing at a time.

Admin's Artz Fyh8v9
Admin's Artz 2je7mth
Admin's Artz 10oqycg
If you have something in mind for a render or how your sig will look, please say so. However, DO NOT give me a link to Image Shack, as it has infected my computer. A link to the render on a search engine or a pic of the render is preferred. Be as detailed as possible when describing your desired sig.

Chibi Avatars:
Admin's Artz Ra525e
Admin's Artz 2czrlae
Admin's Artz T97ckl
For these I just need to know the Pokemon and whatever odds and ends you want me to throw in there.

Admin's Artz 21325mv
Admin's Artz 2mcw1n6
I do punctuation, letters, and other small things. Please tell me what you want and any other details.

Admin's Artz Dvr8zt
These are just like mini sigs. Just tell me what you want, and if you want, one short word that you might want on it.

Chibi People:
Admin's Artz Ip5h7o
Give me a detailed description or a picture, but no links.

Other Stuff:
Admin's Artz 2pqq9l2
Admin's Artz 35d5dnn
Admin's Artz Sxomcl
Anything not listed above goes in here. Just tell me what you want or provide a picture and I'll see what I can do.

Request away~!

Admin's Artz 2en9few
Admin's Artz YpAY
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PostSubject: Re: Admin's Artz   Admin's Artz Icon_minitimeSun Jan 23, 2011 2:25 pm

Not requesting; giving you a little crit.

You might want to try using better renders. The Oshawott render looks somewhat... strange. Also, your signatures are lacking flow. And you need to make the focal point a bit more obvious.

That's about all I wanna say..

Do you believe me... when I tell you the truth?

Admin's Artz Umbreon_Animation_by_taravalentine
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Admin's Artz
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