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 Pokenality Game~!

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PostSubject: Pokenality Game~!   Pokenality Game~! Icon_minitimeSat Jan 22, 2011 1:14 pm

In this game the rules are simple:

  • Don't flame other members
  • Come up with a good reason
  • Pick a Pokemon/descriptiong that is actually thought out

You have to say which Pokemon the last poster is and why they are that Pokemon. Like this:

Member 1: Admin is an Absol. She's always hard at work, and is fun to be around.
Member 2: Member 1 is a Starly. New, but shows great potential and might be a great member one day.

And so on. If you want to play, just start playing~!

Pokenality Game~! 2en9few
Pokenality Game~! YpAY
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Pokenality Game~!
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