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 Favourite Gym Leader

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PostSubject: Favourite Gym Leader   Favourite Gym Leader Icon_minitimeMon Dec 27, 2010 6:47 pm

Since your first battle with Pewter City's Brock in Red/Blue, until your showdown with that man with the red afro in Sinnoh's Sunnyshore City, you have faced 35 different gym leaders for 32 different badges. The question is: Which one is your favourite?

Tough ninja Koga? Surfer Brawly? Maybe the evil Giovanni? Or sweet Whitney?

My favourite is probably Lt. Surge, just because of his manga role. Plus the Pikachu VS Raichu match in the anime, and his whole badass existance...
But I also like most of the girls: Jasmine is my personal favourite for some reason. I think it's because she's a loli she has a sweet personality in most media, shy and always caring for her Amphy.
Favourite Gym Leader 150px-HeartGold_SoulSilver_Lt_SurgeFavourite Gym Leader 150px-HeartGold_SoulSilver_Jasmine
Ah, couldn't find a better photo of her... How will you see her loliness cuteness in this picture?

This isn't a poll because if it were, we'd have, with some luck, 5 characters with a single vote, and 30 characters with no votes... Plus, this way you can further explore your opinion.

Oh wait, Jasmine's personality is like that because she's a loli.
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PostSubject: Re: Favourite Gym Leader   Favourite Gym Leader Icon_minitimeTue Dec 28, 2010 2:46 pm

I like most of the girls, especially the cute ones, like Whitney, Erika, and Jasmine.
They have sweet personalities, and I liked going up against them in battle, excluding Whitney's accursed Miltank D:<

Basiclly, that's all I like. I don't really pay attention to the gym leaders very much, to me they are just random people who have Pokemon which you are destined to kill.

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Favourite Gym Leader
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