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 Plane Peril

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PostSubject: Plane Peril   Thu Dec 09, 2010 1:03 pm

In this RP you are a passenger on flight 374, flying out of Unova International Airport. Suddenly, the plane crash-lands in a clearing, located in a tropical rainforest, with you on it! You must make a way to survive in the rainforest with the other passengers, and find a way out. PM me with your first post if you would like to join.
*Please note that this is in third person. All posts should be at least three paragraphs long.*

Kara's head throbbed with pain as she woke up from the nasty crash. Her right arm was badly wounded. It had a gash that was bleeding heavily, and was covered in small cuts and bruises. Other passengers were injured too. A mother mourned over the death of her small child and baby, while others tried to calm her down. Some of the wounded had already been tended, since there were a few med students on board the jumbo jet.

A teenage boy, about the same age as her, walked up to Kara and offered to help her up. Kara could see that he was wounded too. His legs wobbled with every weak step he took, and his head was wrapped in gauze and bandages. He wore a navy blue t-shirt and baggy blue jeans, which had holes in both knees. His shoes were badly torn, with the sole falling off of each one. He had dusty blond hair, a little bit lighter than Kara's, and deep blue eyes. He reached out for Kara's arm and pulled her up.

"Thanks," Kara said as she brushed dust and grass off of her pale orange tank top.

"No problem," the boy replied, "By the way, my name is Toby."

Just as quickly as he had arrived, Toby disappeared into the thick vegetation that surrounded Kara and the other people that were aboard flight 374. Kara shrugged her shoulders and limped towards an eldery woman who was trying to walk, but couldn't.

"Would you like any help?" Kara asked the woman, "You seem to be having a hard time."

"Yes, I would like some help," the woman replied, "What a kind young lady."

"Why don't we go get you some crutches," Kara said as she helped the woman up, "They would help you walk."

Kara and the woman limped over to one of the med students that were on the plane and asked him if he had any crutches. He nodded and went over to one of the other students to get the crutches, which were no more than some sticks and branches tied together with vines. He handed Kara the crutches and she helped the elderly woman onto them.

"Is that better?" Kara asked the woman, "Do they help?"

"Why yes," the old woman said happily, "These are marvelous!"

Kara waved good-bye to the woman and strode over to the grey river that rushed by next to the clearing where the plane crashed. Her feet sank in the soft mud as she got closer to the water. It was ice-cold, and felt good to Kara because the temperature was hot and very humid. Misquitos and other pests flew around, biting Kara and everyone else.

Kara got up and started wandering around, trying to find someone that she knew or someone she wanted to be her friend. She then saw a person wandering around like she was and approached them.


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Plane Peril
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