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 SoTW Competition~

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PostSubject: SoTW Competition~   SoTW Competition~ Icon_minitimeSun Oct 24, 2010 4:31 pm

Welcome to the PokeSpriter Signature of the Week Competition!

How it Works
Every Sunday, a new theme will be posted. You guys send me a PM with your sigs and their code until Wednesday evening at 6:00 EST. Voting will go up on Thursday, and will run into Friday. On Saturday, I'll post the results and PM the winner asking for their preferred theme. If I don't get a PM back I will choose the theme. However, if you chose the theme you may not enter the next contest. If only one person enters, the contest will keep going on until someone else enters.

o Signatures can be no smaller than 200x90
o Signatures must be no larger than 400x125
o Sigs must match the theme to be eligible for judging

o Don't vote for your own sig if you entered, it just gives the other competitior(s) a disadvantage.

Current Theme


Hall of Fame

SoTW Competition~ 2en9few
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SoTW Competition~
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