bool(false) Grey Umbreon Tutorial

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 Grey Umbreon Tutorial

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Grey Umbreon Tutorial Empty
PostSubject: Re: Grey Umbreon Tutorial   Grey Umbreon Tutorial Icon_minitimeTue Dec 28, 2010 10:48 am

Nice tutorial.

However, I feel it should explain a little bit more what each thing does. Instead of "Gaussian Blur this and you'll get a soft image", say "Gaussian Blur this and you'll get a soft image. Gaussian Blurring is an operation that..." and so on. This way, people will know what to do in order to achieve their desired effect, even if they want a different type of banner. Unless all banners are done the same way, in which case this tutorial is A+++; I don't know, I don't make banners.

The banner looks excellent. Very Happy
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Grey Umbreon Tutorial
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