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 Where Friends Meet Under Falling Leaves

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Demonic Wings
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Demonic Wings

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PostSubject: Where Friends Meet Under Falling Leaves   Sat Aug 28, 2010 5:03 pm

We live on an island. PokeSpriter, in this RP, is an island where we all live on. If you know Big Brother, think about it like that minus evictions .(But walked=leaving) Sign up like this:

PokeSpriter Username:
Pokémon Avatar (Pokémon you can change into):
Appearance (picture will do):


PokeSpriter Username: Demonic Wings
Nickname: Demon
Age: 10
House: Murkrow Mansion
Pokémon Avatar: Can change into any Pokémon.
Appearance (picture will do):


The gates to the Murkrow Mansion slid open and an unknown figure slipped inside, leaving open the gates; it was obviously not Demon. The wings looked more metallic than real, obviously. The figure did something odd, pressing its fingers together. A black fire surrounded the Murkrow Mansion and Demon appeared at her doorstep.

She screamed something angrily and pointed her thumb and first two fingers at the mysterious invader. Something invisible burst out of her fingers and knocked the figure out of the Mansion. Demon shut the gate and began to mumble. Runemarks became visible. They glowed and the figure vanished. Demon flew high into the sky and tackled the air, seemingly jumping through glass. She landed on the ground, wings breaking her fall.

Demon stumbled and fell, landing on the beach. The last thing she thought before she blacked out was;

****, I never meant to show myself this early.

Do you believe me... when I tell you the truth?

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Where Friends Meet Under Falling Leaves
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