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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   General Rules Icon_minitimeSun Aug 22, 2010 6:41 pm

Respect all members
Did I really need to post this? Treat everyone the same and with respect. Even if you don't like a certain member at least tolerate them, someone else might like them. If you are having a problem ith a member, whether it be on the forums or through PM, please PM me or another MOD so we can help.

No flaming
This one kind of goes along with respecting other members. If you have something to say about someone's sprite of other piece of artwork, please do so through constructive critisism. If the shading on a sprite is off don't say, "Your shading is crap, you suck!" give them constructive crit so they improve. Say something like, "In some spots of the sprite, like on the lower left leg, the shading is a bit off. That leg is light, when it should be dark from the tail over it," or something like that.

Read the first post before posting in a thread
Seriously, this should go without saying. Read what you're replying to, otherwise you may go off topic or SPAM.

Listen to all moderators
This one is self-explanatory. The mods are here to be listened to, not rudely ignored. If a mod tells you to stop doing something, STOP! Otherwise, you'll probably get banned our earn yourself a big fat warning.

No SPAMming
SPAM, Stupid Pointless Annoying Message. If you have something to say about a sprite or something at least give some detail about it. Don't just say, "Cool!" or something like that. Why is it cool? What is nice about it? Seriously, details make the world go 'round.
SPAM also goes along with off-topic posts. Like if you're talking about bananas, please don't say something about monster trucks. It just makes you look stupid.

No duplicate accounts
Stick with one account. It will make life easier for you and everyone else. Anyone caught using duplicate accounts will have both accounts banned and the user will be IP banned.

Use grammer
Please, use real words and correct spelling. Chat words such as "u" or "r" are not permitted. At least show some regard of the English language. A few "Teh"s are allowed here and there, so are a few typos, but please try to spell the word as best you can. Also, use capital letters for the beginnings of sentences and proper nouns. Use correct punctuation, it will make your posts look a lot nicer.

Use capitals properly
Never type in all capitals! It is extremely annoying and just makes you look plain ignorant.

Double posting
On most boards double posting is not allowed. The exception to this rule is on the "Artwork" boards. However, only the creator of the topic can double post as long as they have new works or need to make an announcement. When double posting f you're the creator: At least teo days should've gone by since your last post. Otherwise, use the edit button.

Failure to follow these rules (and your common sense) will result in a warning or ban.

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General Rules
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