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 Pokémon in our world: pictures!

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PostSubject: Pokémon in our world: pictures!   Sat Jul 31, 2010 7:20 am

OK, this is something I did a few years ago (a few months after the Japanese release of The Rise of Darkrai, actually), which turned out cool.

I once watched a Youtube video showing several pictures of how Pokémon would be if they existed in our world. The pictures were well done, there was a lot of creativity behind them, but they were... ugly. No matter how well the pictures were executed, most Pokémon looked like deformed mutants that were desintegrating at that very moment.

So, I decided to make a different approach to it. I picked up my Adobe Photoshop CS2, an Eevee picture and a small background. The result:

...Whoa! I bet you expected something better. The background is terrible, small, and has some shadows that gave me the feeling that this image was a button rather than a background. The Eevee is lit like if it were in the desert at noon, while it's' actually under the shadow of a tree. It's shadow is also pretty crappy. Not to forget those white pixels that create a contour that's harsh to our eyes and evil to our brains.

By now you're probably thinking "Oh, I see... So Pokémon cannot exist in our world after all...". Well, fear not! I didn't give up, learned from the mistakes I made, and made... This! (Not sorted by any particular order)

(Want a surprise? Before paying attention to the pictures, click ->here<-, and click "Next" to see the following pictures one by one.)

Yay! =D

Feedback? =D

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PostSubject: Re: Pokémon in our world: pictures!   Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:25 am

They still look amazingly copy-pasted. Just because you get rid of white doesn't mean it's perfect. Give them more depth. I'd like to see this when and if it improves.
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Pokémon in our world: pictures!
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