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 Write your own song

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Write your own song Empty
PostSubject: Write your own song   Write your own song Icon_minitimeMon Jul 12, 2010 2:25 pm

Write your own song, simple as that!

Do re mi fa so la ti do
Do ti la so fa mi re do
La la

Rythm pounding in my ears
Words blazing fire
*SE: Thud thud thud*
Here you come
iPod on
Rythm pounding in your ears
The Rythm

Dancing to an endless beat
Dancing to my dreams
Singing along to my endless beat
Singing to my dreams


La la ta ta da da la
All winners make it clear
Your rythm others must hear
Can't be in your head


You sing along, dance along, dance
Your choice

Chorus x2
Dancing to my own rythm
I see exactly where you need to be
Dancing to my rythm
My unhearable rythm

My rythmn

-End of song-

The song is called "The Rythm."
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Write your own song
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